Saturday, 15 January 2011

Odd Bob is back?

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while...if I blame lack of time then I guess I’d best tell ya what I’ve been up to:

So first off there was Christmas, or at least the build up to Christmas. There were the usual festivities and meals with departments and groups and friends, not to mention fun seminars and mulled wine to fill the time between the general end of year faffing. Added to that there was the Christmas party that I was organising. (I’m still not sure how I wound up with that job!) Amazingly it all went well (I made back my costs and everyone got food, drink and disco so I’m happy) there are even some fun photos available!

Then there was Christmas itself, or my two week holiday bouncing between family and friends with a killer cold. My li’l sister (the one who isn’t engaged) decided that my birthday present this year should be a cold so I was dead for most of the fortnight!!

Now I’m back to work, past the first week slump and into the ‘oh no those months away deadlines are almost here!’ stage. Oh and then I managed to knock several keys off my laptop which were incredibly fiddly to fit back on (thank you to Phil who fixed them and didn’t complain about the amount of fluff and crumbs and chocolate on my poor laptop!)

I’ve also been focusing on my second novel (and yes it really is a novel.) Last year I felt a bit odd saying ‘novel’ in relation to something that I was writing. Then I wrote 80 000 words of story and it’s kind of hard to call in anything but a novel. Admittedly it still needs lots of work (editing and tidying up and generally checking for those little issues like ‘hey weren’t his eyes blue two chapters ago, why are they green now?’ and the like) but I’ve decided that editing can wait for now and moved onto the sequel. I wrote 50 000 words for nano then kinda let it slip over Christmas, but I’m getting on with it again now and the end is in sight, still quite a long way off, but if you squint...

All of which means I’ve completely failed to find anything to blog about recently.

In other news; the science blog I occasionally contribute to has moved. (And no it’s not only BOB that has suffered from my lack of blogging recently, I still haven’t written the cloned meat blog I was going to either!)

But hopefully I’ll be back into the swing of things soon. So I’ll just leave you with these easy routes to becoming a famous blogger: